Eunoia means well-mind or beautiful thinking.

 Our mission is to ease children’s suffering from depression and anxiety and create eunoia through art, mindfulness, and human connection. 

Our vision is to implement global initiatives that strategically confront the three main issues responsible for the infringing mental health epidemic affecting our children.  


Stigma is created by public misconceptions and the subsequent prejudice and discrimination directed towards those suffering from mental illness. Such ignorance has left a trail of shame, guilt, and fear experienced by those already experiencing the devastating effects associated with psychological disorders. Ultimately, stigma leads to a sense of isolation caused by social exclusion as well as the child’s own insecurities. This results in an overwhelming feeling of worthlessness and loneliness. The stigma around mental illness will often manifest in secrecy which causes symptoms to go untreated and increased suicide rates among children. 


Mental illness is a pervasive issue devastating children and families around the world. The statistics shown in the graphics below barely illustrate the magnitude of this problem. The ONLY way we can create change so that children have access to the help they need is to speak. Let’s talk about how bad it has become. We must raise our voices despite the fear of being stigmatized. Speak loud and often, telling anyone who will listen, our children are not defined by mental illness. We believe eunoia can be achieved when our collective voices become one in the fight to save children’s lives and end their suffering.


There is an abundant LACK of resources available to children throughout the world to reduce the painful consequences of mental illness. This is where Eunoia Collective will be devoting the majority of our resources to tackle this issue and fulfill our mission; creating programs and platforms that provide healing through art, mindfulness, and human connection.