Victoria Michael Founder

Born in South Africa to a family of visionaries and creatives, Ms. Michael is an author, philanthropist and entrepreneur. After beginning studies in communications at St. Francis College, NYC, she went on to pursue passions in graphic design, content editing and writing. In 2010, Ms. Michael found herself navigating personal trauma and the aftermath which resulted in debilitating depression. During that time, Ms. Michael discovered the profound healing value in self-expression through creativity and was inspired to create Heart Books. Not long after starting the journey to provide healing arts to children, Ms. Michael was faced with a pain greater than she had ever known. Her daughter fell into a deep and self-destructive depression. Through her daughter’s diagnosis of mental illness, Ms. Michael was exposed to the profound lack of resources and stigma contributing to a devastating epidemic affecting children in our homes, cities, nation, and around the world. This revelation fed a fire that is now Eunoia Collective; a global movement with a mission to ease children’s suffering caused by mental illness through art, mindfulness, and human connection. Before Eunoia Collective was founded and Ms. Michael’s daughter’s diagnosis was made, the pair co-authored ‘the Prince and the Flea’; an empowering retelling of a classic fairy tale which was recognized by the National Indie Excellence Awards as well as The Independent Press Awards. Ms. Michael is working for a future where all children can realize their full potential no matter who they are, where they come from or what they have been through.