Stephanie Ong

 I paint to communicate in a way that words won’t let me express.  My work is about the process; the use of light and scale; the strength of color.

In my first career as a Speech Pathologist, I channeled creativity to find alternative communication methods for children who could not express themselves through conventional means.  It was a striking reminder of how powerful and raw communication is at its core.

In 2013, I returned to my first love of art, and I began redirecting my creative energy back into painting.   It is where I feel most authentic.  I live in Tampa FL, with my wonderful husband and children.  I paint in my studio at the Santaella Studios for the Arts.

My latest body of work, Habitats, explores transitions in life.  I was inspired by what it means to have a safe place to inhabit, to return to, and to move on from.